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I enjoy helping others by sharing what I've learned. Here are some examples of the posts I've shared on medium.com and dev.to

How to Get Data from an API & Process XML in Python

A beginner's tutorial-by-example on how to get, and process, property listing text data from the Zoopla API in python [July 2020]

How to Analyse and Clean Text Data in Python

A beginner's tutorial-by-example on how to analyse and clean text data in python. [June 2020]

Getting Started in NLP

A short post providing a list of useful resources and a recommended starting point for getting started in NLP. [June 2020]

Make Better Looking Charts

A beginner's tutorial on how to make better looking charts in python beyond the default matplotlib or seaborn bar plot. Aimed at people new to coding/python and those who need more help beyond the library documentation. [April 2020]

Create an Interactive Dashboard

A short tutorial on how to create, and deploy, a simple interactive dashboard in Python with an option for the user to view/hide the code. The dashboard is created using Python in a Jupyter Notebook, using the HoloViz Panel and Param libraries. [January 2020]